SaniPath | The Team
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Dr. Christine Moe, PhD

Principal Investigator

Peter Teunis


Habib Yakubu, MPH

Lead Research Project Coordinator


Suraja Raj, MPH

Senior Public Health Program Associate


Jamie Green, MPH, MSW

Public Health Program Associate


Casey Siesel, MPH

Public Health Program Associate


Marisa “Mia” Gallegos, MDP

Senior Public Health Program Associate/Communications Specialist


Yuke “Andrew” Wang, MS



Wolfgang Mairinger, MS, MBA

Database Manager


Ashutosh Wadhwa, PhD

 Research Assistant Professor


Renuka Kapoor, PhD, MPH

Senior Post-Doctoral Fellow


Milagros Aldeco

Laboratory Manager




Student Research Assistants

Rachel Pittluck

Stephanie Kot



Our work would not be possible without the contributions of numerous team members over the years, including:

Kelly Baker

David Berendes

Laura Bloomfield

Julie Clennon

Matthew Freeman

Monique Hennink

Marian Honu

Alexandra Huttinger

Amy Kirby

Pengbo Liu

Clair Null

Dorothy Peprah

Eddy Perez

Heather Reese

Katharine Robb

Katherine Roguski

James Michiel

Emily Smith

Julia Sobolik

Numerous graduate and undergraduate research assistants!