SaniPath | The Team
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Dr. Christine Moe

Principal Investigator

Eduardo Perez

Professor of Practice

Dr. Amy Kirby

Assistant Research Professor

Katharine Robb, MPH

Associate Director of Research

Habib Yakubu, MPH

Senior Research Project Coordinator

Suraja Raj, MPH

Public Health Program Associate

Yuke Wang, MS

Data Analyst

James Michiel, MPH

mHealth Analyst

Jamie Green, MPH

Public Health Program Associate

David Berendes

Doctoral Candidate

Nishant Kishore

Technical Consultant

Student Research Assistants

Jillian Cordes


Ani Deshpande

Data Analysis

Junhan Feng

Data Analysis

Asim Lal

General Research Support (Undergraduate)

Anqi “Josephine” Pan

Data Analysis

Katherine Stanfill


Rebecca Wee

SaniPath Atlanta Sub-study