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The SaniPath Exposure Assessment Tool, while designed by a team of academics and WASH professionals, is designed to be accessible and understood by people with a variety of scientific backgrounds (including environmental health officers, local government administrators, program managers, and lab technicians). The result is a tool that can enable a wider audience to characterize sanitation in urban, low-resource settings.

Those teams considering implementing the assessment, should, at minimum, have access to the following resources:

  1. A funder such as a local government or international organization
  2. A research organization/university or local hospital with basic lab facilities, that has or can procure necessary supplies for detecting E. coli (including an incubator and a membrane filtration manifold/IDEXX sealer), and has experience with sterile techniques and membrane filtration/IDEXX. For a detailed checklist of environmental sampling supplies and equipment see the SaniPath Tool Manual.
  3. Teams preferably with the manpower for and prior experience with conducting surveys
  4. Community-Based Organization(s) (CBO) to facilitate access to data collection and dissemination

Before beginning the assessment process, teams should ensure that they can adequately provide the necessary components for the duration of the assessment. See the SaniPath Tool Manual for a more detailed list of requirements.

Is it for me